Emily Driscoll

Oct. 02, 2015

Plants in Space!

This week on The Macroscope, plant biologists send a lowly weed to the International Space Station to study its growth in zero gravity.

Jul. 10, 2015

Lollipops Meet Lasers in This Lab

Science documentary producer Emily Driscoll stopped by a Willy Wonka-like math lab to see what lollipops can teach us about fluid dynamics.

lollipop, lollipops, fluid dynamics, tootsie pop, tootsie roll pop

Jan. 23, 2015

Behind the Scenes of the Explorers Club

The Explorers Club houses artifacts from research expeditions over the last century, including the first exploration to the North Pole to the Apollo 11 moon mission.

explorers club, exploration, expedition

Dec. 26, 2014

Birdie in Flight

The aerodynamics of the badminton birdie, along with a complex chain of movements executed by players, enables it to reach 200 mph.

badminton, emily driscoll, birdie, flight

Mar. 14, 2014

EncROACHment: New York’s Invasive Cockroaches

Rutgers University entomologists unravel clues to identify a new invasive roach species in New York City.

winter roach, roach, jamestown, rutgers, cockroach, insect


Michael Pollan Talks Plants and Food

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Hollywood Science


Mystery Box

Science Goes to the Movies: Jurassic World

Paleontologists Lindsay Zanno and Kenneth Lacovara share what made them clap—and cringe—while watching Jurassic World.

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