Jun. 25, 2015

The Octopus Whisperer

by Alisa Opar

To keep the brainy creatures healthy in captivity, caretakers employ a variety of tricks—including dog toys.

octopuses, cephalopod, cephalopod week
Jun. 11, 2015

The Silk Road’s Turn Toward Biotechnology

by Julie Leibach

Using a protein found in silkworm moth cocoons, researchers at Tufts University in Boston are developing a range of biodegradable materials and therapeutic devices.

silk, silk fibroin, polymer, biopolymer, electronic, fiorenzo omenetto, david kaplan
Oct. 16, 2014

A Jaguar Needs a Root Canal? The Dentist Is In

by Sue Russell

Veterinary dentist Brook Niemiec treats an ark of animals, from man’s best friend to lions, tigers, and bears.

Sep. 26, 2014

Who’s Got the Biscotti? Mingling at the Ig Nobel Awards After-Party

by Carmen Nobel

The man of the hour is an octogenarian who claims more than 3,500 patents.

Jan. 24, 2014

A Physicist Conjures Sounds From the Past

by Andrew P. Han

Physicist Carl Haber helps resurrect sound from old audio files once thought lost to history.

carl haber, alexander graham bell, pete seager, the weavers, music, audio files, national museum of american history, audio preservation, macarthur genius grant
Oct. 08, 2013

Music Lover? This Startup Knows What Tunes You Want to Hear

by Matthew Ismael Ruiz

The Echo Nest mines big data to find songs and musical artists that suit a range of auditory affinities.

the echo nest, brian whitman, pandora, rdio, fm, radio, taste profile, music, music lover, songs, kanye west, taylor swift, michael bolton, mtv, mtv.com,
Oct. 02, 2013

Like That Wine? You Might Thank an Earth Scientist

by Eli Chen

Geologist Kevin Pogue helps winemakers pick out top vineyards based on the region’s terroir, which entails environmental attributes such as soil, climate, and rock composition.

wine, terroir, vintner, kevin pogue, walla walla, washington
Sep. 19, 2013

Small Talk with Scientists: The Ig Nobel Prize Winners Unwind

by Carmen Nobel

Here's what it's like to party with researchers whose work might first make you laugh, then make you think.

ig nobel awards, dung, milky way, the annals of improbable research
Aug. 07, 2013

Building the World's Fastest Gumball Machine

by Justin Nobel

Brett Doar and his colleagues at Applied Chaotics specialize in building Rube Goldberg contraptions and other kinetic devices.

brett doar, rube goldberg, sweets, candy, gumball machine, ferrari
Jun. 19, 2013

Paper Tale: The Life of an Origami Artist

by Katherine Tweed

Robert J. Lang helped take origami to the next level, developing computer software to create increasingly complex designs with applications ranging from art to engineering.

robert j lang, robert lang, origami, computational origami, geometry
Jun. 05, 2013

Out of This World

by Justin Nobel

Space artist Dan Durda forges into the unknown to create celestial scenery that educates and inspires.

dan durda, space art, kepler, new horizons, buzz aldrin, asteroid, saturn, pluto
May. 15, 2013

What Lies Beneath

by Ashley Taylor

Using a scanning technology called terahertz imaging, scientist J. Bianca Jackson searches for hidden artwork behind paint and plaster.

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