Oct. 16, 2015

Science Friday Goes to St. Paul

by Christian Skotte

On November 3rd, Science Friday will join Minnesotans to talk the science of superheroes.

Jun. 25, 2015

Science Friday at the Aspen Ideas Festival

by Christian Skotte

Ira Flatow and the SciFri crew will put on a live show in Colorado on June 30th.

aspen, apsen, colorado, science friday live
Apr. 09, 2015

What Freaks You Out About Robots?

by Brandon Echter

Should we worry about the imminent rise of robots in our lives?

Apr. 06, 2015

Science Friday Introduces New Video Series, The Macroscope

by Luke Groskin

Through fictional and documentary film-making approaches, we'll bring you true stories from scientists and innovators.

Mar. 23, 2015

Science Friday Joins National STEM Partnership

by Danielle Dana

The Science Friday Initiative has joined the 100Kin10 network.

100k, schools, stem, science education, education, science careers, stem careers, educate to innovate
Feb. 12, 2015

Science Friday Trivia Night

by Christian Skotte

Ira Flatow and the SciFri team are headed to Brooklyn for a fun-filled night of science trivia.

Jan. 16, 2015

Hour-Long Podcasts

by Christian Skotte

You shared your opinion, and we listened.

Dec. 30, 2014

The Best of Science Friday, 2014 (Picked by Our Staff)

by Brandon Echter

SciFri staff members recommend their favorite stories from the past year.

Aug. 01, 2014

The Science of the Silver Screen

by Christian Skotte

Science Friday headed to the movies!

science friday, los angeles, live event
Mar. 09, 2014

Dispatches from SXSW Interactive 2014

by SciFri Staff

SciFri is in Austin to check out the latest in innovation.

sxsw, interactive, sxsw interactive, austin
Jan. 21, 2014

Dispatches From Sundance

by SciFri Staff

SciFri staff members are checking in on the Sundance Film Festival's science offerings.

sundance, sundance film festival, new frontier
Sep. 13, 2013

A New Beginning: Science Friday Partners with PRI

by Danielle Dana

We’re excited to work with PRI to expand their science and technology coverage.

PRI, science friday, scifri, partnership, npr science friday
Jun. 14, 2013

Their World Is Oysters

by Christopher Intagliata

A trip to a shellfish hatchery in Washington reveals a bustling operation.

oysters, geoducks, Taylor Shellfish Farms hatchery, Quilcene, Washington, Olympic Peninsula.
Apr. 10, 2013

Milkweed for Monarchs

by Annette Heist

People can help monarch butterflies by planting milkweed, a plant the insects rely on for breeding and feeding.

milkweed, monarch butterflies, Lincoln Brower, Sweet Briar College, Monarch Watch
Feb. 27, 2013

Nerdcore: Hip-Hop for SciFri Fans

by Christian Skotte

This Friday, we’ll talk with MC Frontalot, the self-proclaimed "world's 579th greatest rapper."

Nerdcore, MC Frontalot, Science Rap, Science Music
Jan. 11, 2013

What 17 Months in Isolation Looks Like (On a Mars Mission)

by Julie Leibach

For 520 days, six men lived together in a simulated mission to Mars. Here's what their home away from home looked like.

Mars500, Mars 500, Mars-500, Diego Urbina, 520 day isolation, sleep
Sep. 13, 2012

Behind the Scenes of a Spacecraft Assembly Facility

by Leslie Taylor

Just how clean is a clean room? And what goes on there?

nasa, jpl. mars, curiosity, rover, clean room, spacecraft, spacecraft assembly facility, jet propulsion laboratory, planetary protection officer
Aug. 22, 2012

Many Shades of Green

by Annette Heist

The movie 'Carbon Nation' bills itself as a "climate change solutions movie that doesn't even care if you believe in climate change."

climate change, environment, energy, movie, energy savings, fossil fuels, carbon emissions
Aug. 08, 2012

Carl Sagan's Welcome to Mars

by Charles Bergquist

Shortly before his death in 1996, astronomer and science broadcaster Carl Sagan recorded a message to future Mars explorers.

mars, curiosity, space, carl sagan, exploration
Jul. 27, 2012

Breaking the Silence about Science on the Campaign Trail

by Leslie Taylor

Last week, ScienceDebate released its list of 14 of the most important science questions facing the nation, based on submissions from thousands of scientists, engineers, and concerned citizens.

science debate, science policy, presidential election, presidential debate, Shawn Otto, ScienceDebate
Jul. 24, 2012

Ask an Astrophysicist

by Leslie Taylor

Want to talk about dark matter? Dark energy? Pluto's 5th moon? The new "spy" telescopes NASA inherited? We'll be looking to you to shape Friday's conversation with Nobel Prize winner Adam G. Riess.

dark matter, dark energy, physics, astronomy, Adam G. Riess, universe expansion, Nobel Prize
Jul. 19, 2012

Schizophrenic Neuroscientist Is TV's Newest Crime Solver

by Annette Heist

This week we'll talk with Ken Biller, co-creator and executive producer of the new TNT series "Perception."

Jul. 19, 2012

SciFri Quiz: Test Your Smarts on Dope

by Leslie Taylor

How much do you know about the science of performance-enhancing drugs?

sports medicine, doping, performance enhancing drugs, EPO, human growth hormone
Jul. 17, 2012

Cool Off with a Virtual Antarctic Tour

by Charles Bergquist

Forget the beach house or summer cabin at the lake -- we invite you to kick back and relax in Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton's hut.

antarctica, south pole, explorers, google street view, google maps, panoramic images
Jul. 05, 2012

Share Your Pickle Picks

by Leslie Taylor

Have you made your own pickles before? How'd they turn out? If you have a favorite pickle recipe, please share.

pickles, food science, fermentation, chemistry,
Jun. 26, 2012

The Physics of Spider-Man: The Death of Gwen Stacy

by Leslie Taylor

What killed Spider-Man's girlfriend Gwen Stacy? In the infamous comic The Night Gwen Stacy Died, was it the fall from the George Washington bridge that killed her? Or was it whiplash from being caught by Spidey's web?

spiderman, physics, physics of superheroes, comic books, physics, gwen stacy, james kakalios, superheroes
Jun. 21, 2012

3D or Not 3D, That Is the Question

by Leslie Taylor

Check out our photo gallery of objects created by 3D printers. Then, take our quiz to test how well you know the capabilities and limits of current 3D printing technology.

Jun. 19, 2012

The Best Tall Buildings in the World

by Leslie Taylor

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) recently announced the buildings they will honor in 2012 and boy are they beauties!

engineering, architecture, skyscrapers, tall buildings, civil engineering
Jun. 15, 2012

Emergency Contraception: How It Works (How It Doesn’t)

by James Trussell and Kelly Cleland

How do emergency contraceptives work? The idea of contraception used after sex seems counterintuitive. But the basic facts of reproductive biology allow key opportunities to interfere with the reproductive process after sex has occurred, but before pregnancy begins.

emergency contraception, birth control, reproductive health, plan b,
May. 30, 2012

Glowing Millipedes

by Flora Lichtman

SciFri listener Chris Lavin sent me an email a few weeks ago with the subject line "Really cool video of centipedes at night." Who could pass that up?

bioluminescence, millipedes, insects, centipede, video, nature
May. 16, 2012

Foraged Feasts

by Leslie Taylor

Coming up this Friday as part of a story on urban agriculture we'll talk with Tama Matsuoka Wong, author of Foraged Flavor: Finding Fabulous Ingredients in Your Backyard or Farmer's Market. She shared with us some recipes.

urban agriculture, food, recipe, chickweed, wild mustard, cooking, foraging, urban wildlife
May. 08, 2012

Supersized America

by Leslie Taylor

Coming up this Friday, we'll talk with the executive producer of The Weight of the Nation, HBO's new four-part documentary that looks at the causes and effects of being overweight and obese in America.

obesity, television, documentary, film, public health,

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