Jul. 22, 2013

The One That Didn't Get Away

by Annette Heist

James Prosek paints the final moments of his saltwater subjects.

fish, fishing, art, painting, James Prosek, painter, artist, art exhibition
May. 01, 2013

The SciFri Book Club Takes a Walk

by Annette Heist

Get ready to trail along with writer Bill Bryson.

A walk in the woods, bill bryson, Appalachian trail, hiker, hiking, scifri book club
Apr. 10, 2013

Milkweed for Monarchs

by Annette Heist

People can help monarch butterflies by planting milkweed, a plant the insects rely on for breeding and feeding.

milkweed, monarch butterflies, Lincoln Brower, Sweet Briar College, Monarch Watch
Apr. 05, 2013

What's in a Label?

by Annette Heist

A new book looks at how the way we think and behave can be shaped by forces we aren't aware of.

adam alter, drunk tank pink, nyu, stern business school
Mar. 29, 2013

Scene in the Sonoran

by Annette Heist

Science Friday hits the desert trail to take in some springtime sights.

desert. Sonoran, Phoenix. Arizona, cactus, cacti, plants
Mar. 18, 2013

Black Bear for the Win

by Annette Heist

Jim Stroner's shot of a bear emerging from its den wins our 2013 Winter Nature Photo Contest.

Winter Nature Photo Contest, Jim Stroner, Lily bear, winner, finalists, photo contest
Mar. 07, 2013

Meet the Judge of Our Winter Nature Photo Contest

by Annette Heist

Photographer Clay Bolt helps choose finalists out of hundreds of submissions.

Clay Bolt, photography, photographer, photo contest, winter, nature, photo, insects, macro photography
Feb. 28, 2013

Petri Culture

by Annette Heist

Artist Klari Reis uses unconventional materials to create microbiologically inspired art.

art, artist, Klari Reis, painting, painter, petri dish, biology, microbiology
Feb. 22, 2013

Minding the Mountain Gorillas

by Annette Heist

Though mountain gorillas are critically endangered, their numbers are up from nearly 25 years ago.

mountain gorilla, Dian Fossey, Annette Lanjouw, Gorillas In the Mist, Mountain Gorillas: Biology, Conservation, and Coexistence
Feb. 20, 2013

Wild Advice for Shutterbugs

by Annette Heist

Photographer Alex Wild shares some tips for getting those insect glamour shots.

Alex Wild, biology, photography, photographer, insects, macro photography, entomologist, entomology, ants, Nikon Coolpix 995, Canon DSLR, Thomas Shahan, Pentax DSLR
Feb. 15, 2013

Cold Snap: Our Winter Nature Photo Contest Returns

by Annette Heist

Warm us up with your best winter nature shots.

contest, photography, winter, winter nature, photo contest
Feb. 07, 2013

Below the Feathers

by Annette Heist

Artist Katrina van Grouw looks past the feathers to see the beauty in birds.

art, birds, birding, feathers, avian, avian evolution, taxonomy, taxidermy, Katrina van Grouw
Jan. 31, 2013

And the Award Goes To....

by Annette Heist

The 2012 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge winners are in...

National Science Foundation, Science, International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge
Jan. 29, 2013

February Book Club Pick: Gorillas in the Mist

by Annette Heist

Dian Fossey's memoir of her work with the gorillas is next on our reading list.

Jan. 25, 2013

The Minimalist Brain

by Annette Heist

Artist Greg Dunn combines his two passions: neuroscience and Asian-inspired painting.

brain, painting, neuroscience, artist, neurons
Jan. 18, 2013

An Illustrated Guide to the Mysterious

by Annette Heist

In a new book, artists illustrate the big (and not-so-big) questions in science.

mystery, artist, illustrate, illustration, books, art
Jan. 08, 2013

Nothing but 'Flower'

by Annette Heist

A new book strips the meaning from the blooms.

flowers, gardening, Flower, Andrew Zuckerman, photography
Jan. 03, 2013

SciFri Book Club Catches 'The Andromeda Strain'

by Annette Heist

The Michael Crichton classic tops the reading list.

book, Crichton, The Andromeda Strain, Book Club, SciFri Book Club, Michael Crichton, Science Fiction
Dec. 19, 2012

Pleasing Planets

by Annette Heist

Artist Megan Lee finds inspiration in a blank wall.

tesla, artist, Megan Lee, planets, solar system, design
Dec. 13, 2012

Ruined Polaroids

by Annette Heist

Photographer William Miller saw our call for Polaroids and sent these images from his 2011 project "Ruined Polaroids."

Polaroids, art, photography, William Miller, photographs
Dec. 11, 2012

SciFri Book Club Tours 'The Planets'

by Annette Heist

Science Friday gets spacey, with Dava Sobel's homage to the solar system.

SciFri Book Club; Dava Sobel; books; reading; The Planets; astronomy; space
Dec. 06, 2012

The Land of Polaroid

by Annette Heist

Edwin H. Land changed the way we picture the world.

photography, Edwin Land, instagram,
Nov. 20, 2012

Birds Gone Wild

by Annette Heist

Fancy birds, beyond the Thanksgiving table.

birds, ornithology, cornell, birds of paradise, birding, nature, natural world
Nov. 15, 2012

The Fallen Leaves

by Annette Heist

Your photos...piled up.

leaf, leaves, pile, crowd-sourced art, leaf pile, photography
Nov. 14, 2012

Start With a Diagram

by Annette Heist

From Da Vinci to Benz, the diagrams that changed the world.

100 Diagrams That Changed The World, DaVinci, Ikea, astronomy, books, art
Nov. 07, 2012

Your Brain on... Art

by Annette Heist

Artist Kelsey Brookes put his scientific background to work.

art, neuroscience, painting, creativity, biology
Nov. 06, 2012

SciFri Book Club Has 'The Right Stuff'

by Annette Heist

The Tom Wolfe classic is on the reading list this month.

astronauts, NASA, Tom Wolfe, The Right Stuff, space, space program, Mercury Program, Mercury Seven
Nov. 01, 2012

Act Creative

by Annette Heist

On the show this week, we'll be talking with actor Richard Thomas. Thomas is currently playing the role of Peter Stockmann in a new Broadway production of the Henrik Ibsen play An Enemy of the People.

theater, arts
Oct. 24, 2012

The Leaf Pile

by Annette Heist

Hey leaf peepers: Instead of just raking leaves this year, let's put them to use in a leaf-themed, crowdsourced art project.

leaf, leaves, fall, colors, art project, crowd-source
Oct. 19, 2012

Capturing Nurses

by Annette Heist

A new book looks at the face of nursing in America.

nurse, nursing, photography, carolyn jones, art
Oct. 12, 2012

Color My World

by Annette Heist

A new photo book showcases the best of Nat Geo.

National Geographic, photography, culture, art, sciarts
Oct. 10, 2012

Another Star in the Sky

by Annette Heist

Singer Sarah Brightman to visit the ISS.

space travel, cosmonauts, sarah brightman, soprano, space travel
Oct. 10, 2012

Voices in the Sky

by Annette Heist

Light up the night with the sweet sounds of... you.

sciarts, art, music, apps, astronomy, Franklin Institue, light, light installation,
Oct. 05, 2012

SciFri Book Club's October Pick

by Annette Heist

Here's what we're "falling" for this month.

book club, SciFri Book Club, read, books, book
Oct. 04, 2012

Paint by Numbers

by Annette Heist

Math-inspired art, to get you primed for thinking about equations.

math, painting, Strogatz, numbers, sciarts, art
Oct. 03, 2012

Funny Little Math Book

by Annette Heist

It's little. It's funny. It's hard to believe we're talking about a math book.

calculus, coursera, Ghrist, Penn, sciarts, art
Sep. 25, 2012

Berenice Abbott's Physics Focus

by Annette Heist

In the late '50s, Berenice Abbott was hired by MIT to create photographs that could be used to teach physics in new ways.

photography, physics, MIT, Berenice Abbott, high-speed photography, art, sciarts
Sep. 19, 2012

Climate Change Gets a Tune-Up

by Annette Heist

Our favorite science Auto-Tuner is back with another instant classic.

autotune, Bill Nye, climate change, symphony of science, sciarts, music
Sep. 14, 2012

Fungi Fans 'Felt' the Love

by Annette Heist

At the Northeast Mycological Federation's 36th Annual Foray, crafty types got a lesson in felting.

fungi, felt, mycological, felting, pillow, northeast mycological federation, craft, art, sciarts
Sep. 12, 2012

Paleoartists Flesh out Fossil Finds

by Annette Heist

A new book features the work of ten artists who flesh out dino fossil finds.

dinosaurs, paleoartist, paleontology, Steve White, Luis Rey, John conway, Julius Csotonyi, Douglas Henderson, Raul Martin, art, sciarts
Sep. 06, 2012

Glamour Pin-Ups from the USDA

by Annette Heist

Artist Taina Litwak makes insects beautiful.

field notes, biology, field biology, insects, painting, biodiversity, art, sciarts
Sep. 05, 2012

Deadly Elegance

by Annette Heist

Glass sculptures add dimension to killer viruses.

virus, glass, sculpture, HIV, artist, Luke Jerram, art, sciartsglassblowing, SARS, AIDS, hantavirus, West Nile virus,
Aug. 31, 2012

September SciFri Book Club: And the Winner Is...

by Annette Heist

Here's what we're reading...

Books, book, Book Club, SciFri Book Club, Flatland, dimensions, Edwin A. Abbott
Aug. 29, 2012

Picture Another Mathematician

by Annette Heist

Proof that math isn't solely a man's world.

math, photography, women in science, mathematics, mathematician
Aug. 27, 2012

Cast Your Vote: SciFri Book Club September Pick

by Annette Heist

The Science Friday Book Club will meet again on September 21, 2012. We’ve decided to tackle another classic this month, but we need your help making our final selection.

Arthur C. Clarke, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Michael Crichton, Andromeda Strain, Book Club, Books, SciFri Book Club, Flatland, Brave New World, Aldous Huxley, Flatland, extra dimensions, space, science fiction
Aug. 22, 2012

Many Shades of Green

by Annette Heist

The movie 'Carbon Nation' bills itself as a "climate change solutions movie that doesn't even care if you believe in climate change."

climate change, environment, energy, movie, energy savings, fossil fuels, carbon emissions
Aug. 20, 2012


by Annette Heist

Got some space music orbiting on your turntable? Share it here.

music, space, mars, bowie, pink floyd,
Aug. 15, 2012

Picture a Mathematician  

by Annette Heist

Robert V. Moody wants to show mathematicians as they "really are."

math, photography, art, mathematician
Aug. 09, 2012

Brushing Aside Alzheimer's

by Annette Heist

Can painting help those with Alzheimer's feel less alone?

alzheimer's, art, aging, painting, anxiety, fear, brain, dememtia, ARTZ
Aug. 03, 2012

Under the Cover Slip

by Annette Heist

Dive into the world of cinemicrography.

cinemicrography, photography, Vishniac, micrography, microscope, photomicrography, Roman Vishniac, Wim Van Egmond

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