Jan. 13, 2010

Auto-Tune the Cosmos: Q&A With John Boswell

by Shelley DuBois

John Boswell Auto-Tuned clips of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos into “A Glorious Dawn,” and the video went viral. Now, he’s created a project called The Symphony of Science.

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Apr. 23, 2010

Touching The Carina Nebula

by Shelley DuBois

Noreen Grice continues her interest in tactile astronomy by collaborating with NASA to make this raised image of the Carina Nebula. She explains her thought process in this audio slideshow. For more information, please go to: http://www.youcandoastronomy.com.

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Apr. 21, 2010

Artistic Calculations

by Shelley DuBois

Artist Michael Schultheis uses equations on chalkboards as inspiration for his paintings. He discusses his process in this audio slideshow. For more of Michael’s work, please visit: http://www.winstonwachter.com/exhibitions_seattle.php.

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Apr. 19, 2010

Opera At The Guggenheim

by Shelley DuBois

An artist, composer and physicist explore the fifth dimension in the opera, “Hypermusic: Ascension,” that played at the Guggenheim Museum in New York on March 10.  Artist Matthew Ritchie, composer Héctor Parra and physicist Lisa Randall discuss the work, and … Continue reading →

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Apr. 05, 2010

‘A Cool Dip’ Flooded With Ideas

by Shelley DuBois

William Jackson Harper and Myra Lucretia Taylor in A Cool Dip in the Barren Saharan Crick. If you were to rank the oldest, most powerful motifs in storytelling, God and water would be right up there with love and death. … Continue reading →

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Mar. 29, 2010

Beatles Music As Data, Data As Art

by Shelley DuBois

Graphic artist Michael Deal uses infographics to look at the Beatles’ unparalleled discography. He explains his work in this audio slideshow. For more of Michael’s work, check out: www.mikemake.com.

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Mar. 26, 2010

CITES Species Slideshow

by Shelley DuBois

The 2010 meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora ended this week. Here’s a look at some of the species that international delegates at the meeting did or didn’t agree to protect.

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Mar. 19, 2010

Hubble 3D, Now Playing

by Shelley DuBois

The movie Hubble 3D comes out in theaters today. The film’s director, Toni Myers, will be in the studio with Ira as part of Science Friday’s “Future of 3D” segment on March 19th. During the movie, viewers virtually enter 3D … Continue reading →

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Mar. 19, 2010

Lenin’s Embalmers

by Shelley DuBois

A new play, Lenin’s Embalmers, tells the story of two scientists who, under tremendous pressure from Stalin, figured out the science of preserving human flesh. Here’s a clip from the show. Lenin’s ghost is a walking, talking character. In the … Continue reading →

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Mar. 09, 2010

Electrons On The Brink

by Shelley DuBois

Nanoscientists often work with materials too small to see.  So when they do visualize their materials, it’s a notable scientific discovery. That happened recently, when nanoscientist Ali Yazdani and his colleagues were able to map the position of electrons in a … Continue reading →

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Mar. 05, 2010

The Biohazard Aesthetic

by Shelley DuBois

Think of a warning sign. Now think of a really big warning sign. Now think of a warning sign big enough for a mountain filled with radioactive waste. That was the concept behind a 2002 competition called Universal Warning Sign: … Continue reading →

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Mar. 03, 2010

A New Species Of Music

by Shelley DuBois

Charles Darwin was an edgy dude. When On the Origin of Species was published in 1859, his ideas rocked the foundation of his church-centric society . Maybe that’s why he’s popping up–in operatic form–in one of the weirdest interpretations yet … Continue reading →

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Feb. 26, 2010

Seeing ‘Science On The Nanoscale’

by Shelley DuBois

If you tune in to today’s show, you might hear guest host Joe Palca talking to Felice Frankel and George Whitesides, co-authors of No Small Matter: Science on the Nanoscale. The point of their book is to help people visualize … Continue reading →

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Feb. 23, 2010

The Cosmos As We Know It

by Shelley DuBois

When you think of the universe, you might picture this: But across centuries and cultures, people have seen it like this: Or this: And these different depictions have more in common than you might think. That became clear at one … Continue reading →

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Feb. 18, 2010

Visualizing Science

by Shelley DuBois

Big news in sciarts today–two major American scientific organizations reveal the winners of an international competition. Since 2003, the American Association for the Advancement of Science has teamed up with the National Science Foundation to put on the International Science … Continue reading →

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Feb. 12, 2010

DIY: Make Your Own Electric Guitar

by Shelley DuBois

So you want to jam like a rock star, but you don’t want to shell out for an electric guitar? Make one yourself. Sound artist and member of NYC Resistor Ranjit Bhatnagar explains the art of a DIY instrument he … Continue reading →

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Feb. 05, 2010

Rescue Robots Act On The Side

by Shelley DuBois

Turns out, robots have hobbies too. Cast members of Texas A&M University’s latest production of  A Midsummer Night’s Dream shared the stage with several robotic fairies that, during the production, buzzed around the actors and audience. The robots took time … Continue reading →

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Jan. 29, 2010

The Hubble In 3-D

by Shelley DuBois

Michael Massimino has been to space. He has literally hung out for half an hour on the side of a space ship, taking in the view while orbiting our planet. “I felt like I was looking at paradise,” he said. … Continue reading →

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Jan. 26, 2010

All-Chimp Film Crew For BBC TV Show

by Shelley DuBois

In retrospect, it seems obvious. If you want to make a movie about apes, let them film it. That’s the thinking behind Betsy Herrelko’s Chimpcam Project. Herrelko is a candidate for a PhD in primate behavior at the University of … Continue reading →

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Jan. 20, 2010

Comic-Con Sweepstakes

by Shelley DuBois

If you’re kicking yourself because two days of the 2010 Comic-Con are sold out and you don’t have tickets — don’t hang up that Spiderman unitard just yet. The hosts of Discovery Channel show MythBusters want to get you to … Continue reading →

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Jan. 18, 2010

Darwin in Love

by Shelley DuBois

How do you make Darwin’s story a must-read for teens? Frame it like a romance. The new book Charles and Emma: The Darwins’ Leap of Faith by Deborah Heiligman does just that. Today, Heiligman accepted the first ever Award for … Continue reading →

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Jan. 12, 2010

Tuesday Sci Arts Mashup

by Shelley DuBois

-The New York Times put together a slide show of some of the highlights from bird photographer Theodore Cross. Cross narrates the slide show, explains the adrenaline rush of bird photography and discusses the behavior of some of the featured … Continue reading →

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Jan. 11, 2010

Last Chance: Kandinsky Exhibit

by Shelley DuBois

The Guggenheim is giving you a chance to squeeze out one last bit of cultured meta-analysis from their blockbuster Kandinsky exhibit, closing on Wednesday. Tomorrow, the museum is hosting an event where art and science experts discuss the different aspects … Continue reading →

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Jan. 07, 2010

Cool Posters for Nerds

by Shelley DuBois

If you’ve been hard-pressed to find a sweet souvenir at a science lecture, look no further. The people in the Department of Biology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill have your back. They farmed out the posters for … Continue reading →

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Jan. 05, 2010

Science Behind Ghostly Design Exhibit

by Shelley DuBois

If you like your light fixtures slightly spooky, or you’re into the idea of dining chairs that seem to fade into the ether, check out the exhibit by design firm Nendo at the Museum of Arts and Design in Manhattan … Continue reading →

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Jan. 04, 2010

Antarctic Feeding Frenzy Footage

by Shelley DuBois

The natural world can be so weird and stunning that it needs no artistic direction, other than a change of speed. Take this clip from the new BBC series “Life,” that shows sea worms and starfish crawling along the arctic … Continue reading →

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