Nov. 05, 2012

Post Sandy: Are You More Likely Now to Buy an Electric Car?

by Ira Flatow

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I lucked out this week, with Sandy.  My power went out for about four days. I lost a couple of trees in the yard. But I was lucky that I never ran out of fuel in my autos. My gas-sipping Prius was getting 45 miles per gallon. And with just one stop at a gas line, I was able to make it through the week.  In addition, my daughter's VW Turbo Diesel, which also gets 40+ mpg, was able to skip past the gas lines and head right to the diesel pump which was hardly ever occupied.
This article from The NY Times shows that other electric car drivers were better off, too. Even with no electricity at home, electric car drivers in the NYC area were able to find functioning electric chargers at a local restaurant or train station.
California is leading the way (again) in installing charging stations for electric cars. But the rest of us are not holding back. Eight electric car charging stations supply the electric cars in White Plains, NY, says The Times. “Even with the modest electric car infrastructure in New York compared to the West Coast, it’s enough,” says Nissan Leaf owner Frank Streng.
So my question to you:
Does hurricane Sandy make you any more inclined to buy an electric vehicle? 
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