Jul. 19, 2012

Feeling the Heat? Cool Off at the South Pole

by Leslie Taylor

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It's sweltering outside the SciFri offices, so we've happily paid extra attention to Antarctica this week. Listen to the show on Friday and get an update on climate change in Antarctica and hear about microbes that live in the ice. In the meantime, check out Ira's photographs from a trip to Antarctica that changed his life, see a gallery of some very 'cool' photos, and take an interactive tour of Antarctica's 'hot' spots (they're not actually that hot).
"As you can see, one's breath quickly freezes to the face. And I quickly learned how to be extra careful in the cold. My first lesson was when I stuck my spiral note pad in my mouth, and the metal spirals froze to my lips."
Check out a slideshow of photos honored as the "coolest" Antartica images by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR).
Forget the beach house or summer cabin at the lake--we invite you to kick back and relax in Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton's hut, courtesy of Google Street View.
When musical composer and instrument builder Cheryl Leonard first arrived at the Palmer Station in Antarctica, she felt immersed in a plethora of sound, ranging from the bellowing of elephant seals to the crash of glaciers that were shaking off sheets of ice.
In the mood for more about our southernmost continent? Here's some of our previous Antarctic coverage:
And for good measure, enjoy some of Flora's videos about ice and snow.
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