Jun. 07, 2012

Cultural Entomology: Walking Sticks

by The Bug Chicks

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Call them what you want – stick insects, walking sticks or stick bugs – we call them masters of camouflage! Insects in the Order Phasmatodea look and behave like plants and hide from even the most intrepid entomologists.  In this new video we created for Texas A&M University’s Department of Entomology, we take you through the morphology, biology and mythology of these fascinating creatures. 
Have you had any experiences with walking sticks?  Ever had one lose a leg in your hand or spray you from repugnatorial glands?  Witnessed the amazing behavioral camouflage movements of these insects?  We’d love to hear from you in the comments!
About The Bug Chicks

Kristie Reddick and Jessica Honaker are The Bug Chicks. They each have Masters Degrees in Entomology and love to teach people about insects and spiders.

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