Established science journalists interested in writing for Science Friday's website should send short queries to web managing editor Julie Leibach at jleibach[at]sciencefriday.com or web producer Chau Tu at chau[at]sciencefriday.com. Specifically, we're looking for stories that conform to the following series: 
1) You Do What? These stories follow the format of a profile, focusing on scientists who use their expertise in unexpected ways. Check out previous subjects profiled in this series to get a flavor for what we're looking for.
2) Ask SciFri. As implied, this is a Q&A column. The writer generates a thought-provoking, science-related question and interviews human sources to help answer it.
3) SciArts. As the portmanteau suggests, stories in this section explore artwork that has a scientific angle, or science that is somehow being used to create art. Note: send pitches to SciArts producer Annie Minoff at aminoff[at]sciencefriday.com. 
4) Picture of the Week. This series features a beguiling, science-related image with descriptive text.
5) 10 Questions for... The idea here is to delve a bit more into the personal life of scientists—how they got into their careers, what they would be doing if they weren't scientists, what their favorite science-themed movie is, etc. 
6) Food for Thought. Here, we're looking for singular stories about food. Do you know a real-life Willy Wonka who’s created a meal in one stick of gum? Email us!
7) Field Work. We're fleshing out this series, but these stories will follow trends and provide updates on important scientific research in various fields of study. What’s happening with synthetic biology? Or medical robotics? Let us know.
8) Off-Air. This series serves as a companion to issues discussed on the Science Friday radio show. Stories can complement or elaborate upon a conversation that took place on the show or update audiences on a topic previously covered on the show. In these cases, please tell us which audio segment inspired your idea. Alternatively, if you suspect we’ll be covering a certain news item on the show and have a web companion idea, email us!
Pitches should describe stories that fall between a few hundred words to around 1,000 words, at a rate of $1/word. We fact-check originally reported pieces, so please bear in mind that we'll be asking for an annotated copy of your manuscript once it's edited. Although we try, we cannot respond to all pitches that we receive. If you are curious about the status of a pitch, feel free to email us again at least two weeks after submission, unless the pitch is extremely time-sensitive.



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